Positions is a take on modern ergonomic office furniture consisting of a lounge chair and a high stool. The stool is used for raising the legs making it possible to rest a laptop on the thighs while working. The angle of the backrest makes it comfortable resting the legs on the stool, but it also gives the qualities of a lounge chair. The stool is suitable for a semi tall stool as well.

The chair has a visible wooden construction and removable upholstery, making it possible to change textile according to needs. This secures a longer lifetime in environments with hard wear and changing trends. The woolen textile and visible wood grains bring a warmth and homeliness into the office environment. The furniture is made with regards to low production costs and is suitable for mass production.

The wooden construction and the upholstery can be produced separately and brought together by the consumer/user.


Function: Lounge chair with ottoman

Year: 2020

Material: Ash with Pigmented Linseed Oil, Upholstery

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