Bly Studio is a newly established design studio founded by Eva Fly and Anne Brandhøj. With a common background as furniture designers educated from The Royal Academy of Design in Copenhagen, Eva and Anne work with furniture design with a strong sense of functionality - and always strive to create visual expressions that are memorable. The studio focuses on designing high quality furniture for both the contract and retail market.


Our goal is to bring our common curiosity and aesthetic understanding into play, by creating furniture of a high quality. The combination of our professional personalities ensures that the conceptual lines are always well-founded and that the smallest details are directed to perfection. We work with a great understanding of materials, and especially with wood, often combined with textiles or metal. The collaboration between us started during our studies and continued when both of us became independent designer. It gradually became clear to us, that the strongest ideas are manifested in the dialogue between us. Therefore, we are now continuing the dialogue in the form of our joint design studio Bly Studio, where we can reap the full potential of collaborating.

Client List & Partners

    ◦ Modelmager Morten Lyhne
    ◦ Polsteriet cph
    ◦ NEXT


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