Drop Sofa

This sofa can be transformed into a bed for one person. The main focus for us when designing this sofa was high comfort, both when sitting and sleeping - which means a soft and comfortable sofa to lounge in and an ergonomically correct mattress to sleep on. The frame is made from steel tube that bends and interlocks to create gaps for attaching the upholstery in an elegant way. This makes it easy to remove and replace the textile parts if necessary. The semi-transparent mesh on the back and sides creates a shielded space and accommodates a less exposed feeling if sleeping as a guest in someone else's living room. The transformation from sofa to bed is simple and intuitive as the pillows are easily flipped over the sides.


Function: Sofa Bed

Year: 2021

Material: Steel tube, plywood, wool textile, Pantera mattress, feathers, shredded foam

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